About the NSN

"Cyber attacks and data breaches on British universities have raised serious

 concerns over lack of education system resilience" - NSN

About the NSN

The UK's fastest growing student network!

About: The National Student Network has influence in the roots of the education system. Providing student aid during crisis.

Building positive futures and progressing the safety, security and wellbeing of young and vulnerable people across the United Kingdom, aiding foreign and national students and working in support of UK based charities and not for profit community interest companies.

Our Mission: The betterment of student health and wellbeing, safety and security is fundamental to an individual’s educational prospects.

The further the NSN can advance positive change in these key areas the lesser the strain on NHS from substance abuse and STI cases, the lesser the strain on the police services from violent and sexual crime cases, the lesser the cases of university and college dropouts and the lesser the cases of suicide and depression in students and young people.